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You’ve been meaning to go on a vacation now for years.
Hotel Nitara seems like the pitch-perfect spot for it. Nitara would be an exotic,
natural paradise even if there wasn’t a top-of-the-line resort built on top designed
to cater to you every second of every day.

But something is off. There’s this group of scout kids staying there that look like they’ve seen a ghost.
You overhear murmurs of missing guests from the hotel staff. A weird marking shows up on your door…
and then you find a corpse in your room, intertwining you with a chain of events involving
a criminal power vacuum and a terrible conspiracy.

Maybe you should have just stayed home. But then, you were looking for a change of pace...


"Sleeping with third eye open" is a 2D isometric ,narrative, role-playing game. 
As player taking role as a guest booking in for a week stays at NITARA hotel,
Revealing itself surreal terrifying events to its patron.
A narrative that are branching into horror, science fictional or Noire themed.

Sleeping with third eye open is about creating an calming escapism 
with thrilling twist experience of a vacation. A folk horror tale with whimsical touch. 
Fantasy elements of fictional superstition believe ,that is essentially about people's 
emotion and connection. a folk. Sleeping with third eye open's fictional narrative 
is inspired by Southern-east folklore, Thai mythology and Golden triangle.

'GENRES' : Choice-Matters | Story rich | RPG | Horror | Mystery

'PLATFORM' :  PC ,Mac and (currently)

"A snippet screenshot of discovering some disturbance scene'


Staff Companions :

Malila - A Receptionist, front desk administrator.
Resources : Access to hotel administration and guest's Information.
Khan - A Hotel lobby boy, guest relation agent.
Resources : Access to service areas. guest relation authorization

Patron Companions :

Jun - A golden child of a wealthy family, A VIP guest on a Ongoing continuous vacation.
Resources : Wealth resources. Access to privileged services and area.
Tanya - A Biology graduated foreigner , botanist visiting on her vacation and expedition.
Resources : Deep botanic insights. Access to Tanya's portable biology research kit

Freelancer Companions :

Artitat - Roguish freelancer with hidden agendas.
Resources : Access to an underground network and muscle jobs.
Alisa - Detective. A rebellious, determined woman with a heart for conflict.
Resources : Access to investigation insights and official records.

Mythical Companions :

Da - The mysterious scout troop leader, who happens to also be a witch.
Resources : Witchcraft rituals. Folk insights.
? ? ? - ? ? ?
Resources : A connection to the plane beyond reality.

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